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This year's display will feature 25,000 lights!  We have some new yard work in the yard as well as some new LED lights along the fence and arches.  Also, don't forget about Santa Mail.  Drop off a letter to Santa, make sure you have an address and Santa will be sure to send a letter back!  Also, while supplies last, there will be FREE glasses at the Santa Mailbox.  When you put them on, the lights will appear to be either Santa, Gingerbread men, Snowflakes, etc...  Just a little something else to have you enjoy our display!



We're aiming for 30,000 beautiful twinkling Christmas lights.  We've added some new features this year (2017) to the display.  For one, you'll notice the flag pole has been converted into a 20 foot Christmas Tree!  We have the Santa Mailbox up for kids to drop off letters as well as some new additions such as the 6 foot teddy bear, snowman and toy soldier. The 10 foot toy soldier is back!  Some were asking about it after last year.  And of course, tons of lights.  We hope you all enjoy it!  Merry Christmas!



This year we are going down in the number of lights that we have on the house.  Don't be disappointed.  There will be quite a few surprises.  First off, we've doubled the number of snowflakes we have on the roof.  And don't worry kids, the Santa Mail will but up just before Thanksgiving.  Make sure you drop your letters off.  As in past year's we've lit up the entire facade of the house.  This year we won't.  The reason being is that I'm afraid it'll take away from the 8 foot sleigh, and the 6 and 9 foot tall reindeer that I built over the summer.  Let me say this now though, as a safety precaution, unfortunately, you cannot sit on the sleigh or reindeer as you may be hurt as it wasn't designed for weight.  But, it'll be a great addition to look at!  So with that said, we should be in the 25,000 light range for this year!  And don't forget, we're still going to be collecting for the CT Food Bank so make sure you visit our Virtual Food Drive page and make a donation.  We've changed it so that the minimum donation is $5.00.

Merry Christmas!  Ann and Christopher Donnells




 This year we are looking to break through the $10,000 mark in funds raised for the Connecticut Food Bank.  We'll be so happy once we reach that goal.  It would not have been possible without the great people like yourselves to help us along the way.  This year things may look a little different.  I'm changing things up.  We are hoping to have at least 40,000 lights this year.  This year the roof will not be covered in lights.  This year we are going to feature large snowflakes on the roof and almost all the lights from the roof (all 10,000) will be over the driveway.  We are currently building extra arches for support.  Last year the soldiers head broke as we were taking him down so hopefully I'll find a replacement head soon.  And of course we will have the SANTA MAILBOX which was a huge success.  Santa told me over the summer while on vacation in Christmas, Florida (yes that is a real city...GOOGLE it) that he enjoyed writing all the children last year and has promised to do it again this year.



This year we will have at 50,000 lights on our home this year!!!!   Maybe even more!  Things that you will notice that are different are this year.  First, we will have SANTA MAIL!  Yes, there will be a bin that will look like a postal bin painted red with Santa's face on the front.  This is the magical bin where children can drop off their letters to Santa (no postage necessary) and as long as the child has included their address, Santa will return their letters.

Also this year we will be adding some new gingerbread animations to the display as well as taking the display around the corner and adding more around the side of the house.  Again, if anyone ever wants to help, I won't turn you down! 

Merry Christmas!

Chris and Ann Donnells 



This year the lights will change slightly.  We will be increasing (of course) the number of lights in the display to 46,000.  More lights around the trees on the property as well as the fence being lit.  The colors of red and white alternating will remain on the roof although we will change the pattern for a more dramatic effect.  We have added an additional Gingerbread Man jumping on a trampoline, a donation box, more arches over the walkway and if I have the time a "Santa's Mailbox" where kids can mail letters to Santa!

We'll be starting in October putting the lights on the roof and work through November until the big day on November 26th, when we throw the switch.  Last year Santa was sick with a very bad cold and could not show up.  He has said that he will be here this year! 




This year we are looking at close to 45,000 lights!  This will also be the first year that we will be using LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights.  These lights were graciously donated by the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund to promote the use of more energy efficient lighting.  When you see the display this year, the roof, gutters, siding and the three trees (25,000 LED lights) were made possible by the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund.  Thank you! 

Other changes to the display this year and probably for the next few years is that we are going with a candy cane/gingerbread theme.  I've spent quite a lot of time in the garage during the spring and summer months working on the display.  I hope you all enjoy it.

And last but certainly not least, we are continuing to raise money for the Connecticut Food Bank through our yearly Virtual Food Drive.  If you kind find it in your heart to give whatever you can, whether it be $5.00 or $500.00.  You may make a donation by going to the Virtual Food Drive on our website.  Any donation would be appreciated.  It's tax deductible and goes directly to the Connecticut Food Bank.  You'll be making a big difference in someone's life with even the smallest donation. 

Thank you.  Merry Christmas! 

Chris and Ann Donnells


Well, this year (2008) is going to be an awesome year!  This year we will have

approximately 40,000  lights on the house for our Christmas display.  We are

adding an additional two mega trees to the display and a handmade marquee style sign that spells out Keep Christ in Christmas.  Each tree will add 2,500 lights.  The sign uses 2,200 lights and is two feet tall and over 20 feet long.  It took quite a long time to build.  Last year we raised $2,500.07 for our charity, the Connecticut Food Bank, and hope to surpass that this year.  Also, this year I have released my first book entitled, Let There Be Lights!  A Beginner's Guide to Outdoor Christmas Decorating.  Pick up your copy today in the Web Store.



In 2007, we broke the Griswold Barrier  

of 25,000 lights with 30,000 lights in our display! It was also the first year we used our Christmas display to benefit a local charity, the Connecticut Food Bank, raising $2,600!


In 2006, we had 18,305 lights on the house, just shy of the 25,000 Griswold barrier.